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  • Play fair, play by the rules, and play to the best of your ability.  

  • Respect all other participants and the rights and worth of every person regardless of their gender, ability, cultural background, or religion. 

  • Be a good sport, displaying modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat.  

  • Never yell at, ridicule, or criticise other participants. 

  • Cooperate with your coach, teammates, referees and opponents.  

  • Respect and follow the directions of match officials. If you disagree don’t argue. Have your captain or coach approach the match official during a break in play or after the match is concluded. 

  • Control your temper. Verbal abuse of officials or other players, deliberately distracting or provoking another person is not acceptable. 

  • Be respectful whether you win or lose. Shake hands with the other team and match officials at the end of the game. 

  • If you have any issues or concerns, raise them in a constructive manner.

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